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Using myAO Groups

Groups on myAO are a powerful tool that allow you to hold secure discussions on a platform built for healthcare professionals that does not need to sell user data to make a profit.

Verifying your medical credentials

Before you begin creating your own groups, the first thing you need to do if you haven't already is verify your medical credentials. To verify your credentials:

  1. Open settings
  2. Select account details 
  3. Click the "Select or take a photo" button under the verify your medical credentials heading
  4. Upload a picture of your medical credentials 
  5. Confirm the submission

Your verification will usually be processed within a few hours.

Creating your groups

Once you received confirmation of a successful verification, you can begin creating groups. To create your groups:

  1. Open the app
  2. Go to the favorites page
  3. Click "Create a group"
  4. Accept the conditions
  5. Give your group a title
  6. Upload a picture for your group (optional)
  7. Select the visibility (See more about the different visibilities here)
  8. Select the interests
  9. Enter a group description (optional)
  10.  Click create a group

Inviting people to your groups

After you create a group, you will be prompted to invite people. The ways you can invite people differ depending on the visibility you selected in the previous step. Private groups only allow people to join via direct invitations.

Sharing the invite link

If you create a public group, you can share the link to different social platforms using the buttons on the invite dialog.

Inviting from the AO community

One of the big benefits of using myAO groups is that you can invite peers from within the AO community. To do this:

  1. Click on the search bar under the header "Search from the AO community"
  2. Enter a name and click the search icon
  3. Click the invite button next to the name you are looking for

Inviting via email

You can also invite peers directly using their email addresses. Just enter the address and press the plus icon to send the invite.

Posting to your groups

Now that you have created and invited people to your group, you will want to create some posts. To create a post:

  1. Click the "create a post" button
  2. Write your message
  3. Attach an image or a link (optional)
  4. Click the "post" button